{say'fer} or (fem.) ciphrah (Ps 56:8 [9]) {sif-raw'}

n f 1) book
n m 2) missive, document, writing, book
2a) missive
2a1) letter (of instruction), written order, commission, request, written decree
2b) legal document, certificate of divorce, deed of purchase, indictment, sign

2c) book, scroll

2c1) book of prophecies
2c2) genealogical register
2c3) law-book
2c4) book (of poems)
2c5) book (of kings)
2c6) books of the canon, scripture
2c7) record book (of God)
2d) book-learning, writing
2d1) be able to read (after verb 'to know')
-- Strong's Exhaustive Concordance (of 1890)

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